Kundalini Activation, Katonah NY

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Kundalini Activation, Katonah NY

Live Experience in Katonah, NY on the FULL MOON

May 23rd, 6-8pm ET  

Kundalini Activation is an energetic transmission to bring you into deeper alignment with your life force energy.

It is a path of surrender. You don't have to "do" anything. You lie down, listen to music, FEEL, and receive the energy.

The energy supports you in tending to your inner realms, whatever you need in that moment. Some people release layers of emotion, some move and release from their physical form, some don’t move but travel in their consciousness, some feel intense bliss and pleasure.

Every experience is unique and meets you exactly where you are ready. 

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Please note:  If you have acute physical and/or mental health considerations please let me know ahead of time and clear your participation with your care provider.  This is not for you if you are pregnant.